Thursday, January 12, 2017

Five Magical Rings for Your Campaign  

We have hit 20% of our fundraising goal for this blog, so that means it is bonus post time!  Here are a few of the magical rings that I have written up, over many years of game mastering.  Feel free to add them into your campaign where you need an interesting item of treasure!  And thank you so much for your support!

Ring of Nine Breaths

This ring is set with nine clear stones.  When worn, it grants the wearer nine additional breaths of fresh air.  Thus, a person holding their breath can do so for ten times longer than they would normally be able to.  As each breath is used, its stone turns black.  When all the stones have turned black, the wearer receives no more fresh air.  When the ring is exposed to fresh air, however, the stones regain their clarity and can be used again.

Aura:  faint transmutation

Ring of Puzzling Disappearance

This silver puzzle ring is made up of seven parts, all interconnected with each other in a braided pattern.  When worn, this ring functions identically to a ring of invisibility.  However, instead of activating the ring when desired, its invisibility function happens immediately after placing the ring on a finger.  This invisibility will last until dispelled or until the wearer makes an attack against a creature (as per the spell).  In order to become invisible again, the ring's owner must remove it, and then replace it on their finger.  Taking the ring off and immediately putting it back on again is a standard action which provokes an attack of opportunity.  Moreover, the wearer must succeed at a Sleight of Hand DC 10 roll, or the ring will separate out into its seven parts.  Reconstructing the ring takes one full minute of concentration and requires an Intelligence check, DC 20.  A character may take 20 on this action.  Once the ring has been reconstructed, it must immediately be worn, or it will fall apart.  Wearing the ring after reconstructing it is a free action, and does not require a Sleight of Hand check.

Aura:  faint illusion

Ring of the Serpent

This jade ring is carved in the shape of a serpent, entwining around the wearer's finger.  When worn, it grants the wearer a +6 bonus to save vs. poison.  The ring is loyal to its owner, however.  If placed on a finger without saying the command word, it deals 1 point of constriction damage each round until removed with a successful Strength check, DC 15.

Aura:  faint conjuration

Twin Rings of Misdirection

These are two matching silver rings decorated with carved swans.  Although they were crafted by a master jeweler, they nonetheless appear crude, and bear no maker's mark.  Despite their humble appearance, these rings contain extremely powerful illusion magic.  Like the spell misdirection, a divination spell cast upon the wearer of one ring will give results based upon the wearer of the other ring, thus providing the other wearer's alignment, location, thoughts, etc.  Unlike the misdirection spell, these rings affect all divination spells targeting one of the wearers.  In order for the rings to function, both must be worn by living creatures that are not separated by more than ten miles.  It is said that the last owner of these rings was a master assassin, but who can say into whose hands they have now fallen?

Aura:  major illusion (a Will save DC 25 is required to successfully detect this aura)

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